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Friberg_portraitAn American illustrator and painter, Arnold Friberg began his career as an artist in his late teens and worked well into his 80s. The result was an immense body of work that included scenes from the bible, college football games, wagon trains roaming the Old West, Native Americans and portraits of British royalty.

Mr. Friberg was known for painting epic scenes with rich colors and sharp details. Perhaps best known of these paintings is The Prayer at Valley Forge, a depiction of George Washington praying at Valley Forge. In order to capture the realistic setting, Mr. Friberg studied Washington’s uniform at the Smithsonian Institution and later hiked to the Pennsylvania banks of the Schuylkill River in the middle of February.

To “recall the pain, and the cold of that cruel winter,” he removed his gloves and sketched the snow-covered tree limbs until his fingers froze.

“I did that to pay tribute to Washington, to portray the burden that fell upon one lonely man,” Mr. Friberg told the Salt Lake Tribune in 2000. “I’m a hero worshiper. I have to respect, almost idolize, whatever I paint.”

The Prayer at Valley Forge is among the most reproduced paintings in the world, and a copy of it was displayed in the White House during the Reagan administration. The original was recently valued at more than $12 million and is on exhibition at the first president’s home at Mount Vernon.

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